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1U Rackmount
Product Name
MD 1U Mail Server
MDS H169 (U)

Supermicro Server Grade Motherboard
New 64-bit OS, hardware distributed architecture system
H169 (U) adopts 1U rack-mounted planning
Built-in SO-DIMM 8GB
The industry's only data drive adopts PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD with faster I/O than SATA SSD
Built-in data disk PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD 1000GB*1 (Micron P3 series) and spare disk HDD 1000GB*1 (synchronous)

No account limit / maximum capacity of personal email box up to 50G (1MB~50GB arbitrary configuration)
Exclusive IOS Android Mail App sending and receiving software
Support mail gateway function / support mail encryption function / responsive Webmail / Support Wake-on-LAN
Optional Items: One Port 10GbE SFP+ Fiber Optic Network Model [Optional GBIC (RJ45 / Single Mode / Multi Mode)] Dual Speed 10G&1G / Kaspersky Antivirus ( 1 Year or 3 Years ) / 2TB / Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Product Specification
High-quality hardware and full-featured firmware configuration       

Host hardware planning:
It adopts a server board with strong stability, an industrial-grade chassis, and an industrial-grade power supply. (Customers have used it for 10 years)

Data Security Planning:
One PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD is used for the data disk, one HDD is used for the system backup disk, and the two are automatically synchronized.

Advantages of security planning:
ONBOARD synchronization is faster than USB and network backup, which can ensure that the data is saved in a short time. When the data disk fails and the data is damaged and cannot be used, MIS can directly use the system backup disk as a data disk, and the recovery speed is fast without waiting Long recovery time.
Strong capacity expansion capability:

The memory can be expanded to the maximum capacity of the motherboard. When the data disk capacity is insufficient and the capacity needs to be expanded, a larger capacity HDD can be purchased. After synchronizing the settings with the system backup disk, it can be used directly as a data disk to have increased capacity data. Space is available. (Please call us for the recommended maximum capacity that can be used)

Firmware full function configuration:
The firmware function of MDS mail server adopts full-featured configuration. Apart from Kaspersky anti-virus, H169 has no other optional functions. HERHSIANG has the concept of using it, which can reduce the delay of some necessary processes. One-time purchase It is enough to meet the needs of the company in real time.

10G network speed model (optional)
HERHSIANG provides optional 10G speed models. In addition to the network speed of 10G [SPF+ interface (GBIC (RJ45/single-mode/multi-mode) is optional), the speed of speed is equipped with PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD so that enterprise organizations can also Can enjoy the thrill of speed.

Support Wake-on-LAN
It is recommended to use a UPS uninterruptible power system. When the power is restored, the UPS needs to wait for the battery capacity to charge up to the set percentage, and then wake up the remote device function.
Generally, the equipment needs to wait until the UPS battery is completely out of power to 0% to restore the power supply before starting the remote equipment.
Related functions can prevent the remote device from being unable to start the remote device after the power supply is restored after the remote device has been automatically shut down in advance when the UPS battery still has power.
SSD Solid State Drive & Traditional Hard Drive Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of SSD Solid State Drive
Fast reading speed
Light, thin and short
less afraid of shaking

Disadvantages of SSD solid state drives
The disadvantages of SSD, in fact, are exactly opposite to the advantages of traditional hard drives.
The capacity is not high, and if the capacity is large, it will cost more
If it is bad, it will be bad without warning, and it will be more difficult to deal with than the traditional one.
Fault can not rescue data

Advantages of traditional hard drives
large capacity
Cheaper than SSD!
There will be some symptoms before failure
Fault Rescue Information

Disadvantages of traditional hard drives
Big size
Difficult to work in a shaking environment
noise and vibration
Read speed is slower than SSD             

Decentralized Mail Architecture         
It can be used by enterprises, institutions or schools that provide multi-site or large-volume mail needs. It can speed up the delivery of mail. The database, account and mail communication records between the main machine and the auxiliary machine will all be synchronized with each other through encrypted channels. , for the contact records of all mail, no matter whether it is outbound, inbound or internally sent to each other, it will be collected into the database of the computer center's mail service in the end, in case there is a problem, you want to check The email communication records are all based, and the mail host of the external point (secondary machine) receives and sends mail to the local mail host, without waiting for the reply from the remote host, which speeds up the mail processing speed and has remote backup. assistance mechanism.
Support IPV4 / IPV6 address          
The built-in IPV4/V6 dual-frequency DNS server provides the functions required for complete DNS services, such as DNS forward check, reverse check, A, AAAA records, etc., which solves the inconvenience and trouble of setting up DNS servers by the administrator.
easy to install       
All management items of MDS H169 can be set by browser software, so your computer does not need to install any software, and provides Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering functions.
Home Details         
MDS H169 home page provides detailed system status information, including dynamic CPU RAM HDD, system time, mail traffic statistics, mail server information and mail server service.
Multi-domain independent mail system function         

MDS H169 has the function of multi-domain independent mail system (multi-DOMAIN). In addition to setting the domain name of its own head office, if an enterprise also needs to receive letters with domain names of other branches, it can enter other domain names on the system.

MDS H169 multi-domain name has no limit on the number of items, allowing the mail system of an enterprise to have multiple mail domain aliases at the same time.             

Exclusive IOS & Android Mail App
MDS H169 provides an exclusive App for sending and receiving messages, which is installed on mobile phones or tablets synchronously with Webmail through 3G or 4G at regular intervals, allowing you to keep track of email messages at any time. 

email firewall       
Back through abnormal traffic detection, authentication anomaly detection, authentication and sender confirmation can perform in-depth mail detection and filter out traditional firewalls that cannot intercept email Mail threats, all advertising spam, mass mail attacks, implanted Trojan horses, dictionary attacks or hacker attacks, etc., can be filtered by the email firewall layer by layer to protect the security of corporate email operations.
Mail Gateway Protection           
High-efficiency spam filtering function, which can be safely deployed at the front of the mail server. The Mail Gateway solution adopts OS64 3.0 technology and a multi-layer mail scanning mechanism, which can effectively block the increasing spam, virus, malicious mail, springboard, and phishing Threats such as sending emails and spyware can help enterprises effectively manage email security protection and improve email service quality.
Multi-layer spam filtering mechanism         
In addition to the built-in gray list, fingerprint identification method, black and white list setting, IP address anti-decoding verification, SPF verification, sender exception verification, DKIM verification function, MDS H169 mail server also has content link filtering and abnormal sending The detection protection mechanism can filter and analyze the URL of the email body, and can detect and scan the compressed attachment (ZIP/RAR). Anything that does not meet the rules can be filtered or blocked, which can greatly reduce the threat attacks from emails .
Spam smart learning mechanism       

Phishing email attacks and infiltration methods have been constantly improving. From emails, pictures, file folders, web advertisements, system vulnerabilities to encrypted extortion, there are all possible infiltration paths.

MDS H169 utilizes advanced tools (smart learning) to interpret all incoming and outgoing email data and analyze possible hidden threats.

For example: use the spam classification engine to automatically learn the letter characteristics of SPAM and HAM to help identify thousands of possible malicious programs or virus bodies.

MDS H169 will deal with the complex issue of emails. Through the concept of interconnection and data sharing, the email data will be passed through the cloud intelligent learning system to prevent and track the source of malicious attacks.

Sandstorm Malware Filtering Mechanism         
Advanced Sandstorm can effectively detect unknown advanced malicious program attachments, such as common Microsoft, Word, Excel, Power Point or PDF; or targeted phishing emails, and even compressed files, such as common ZIP and RAR, Sandstorm defense Before corporate emails are scanned for Spam or Virus, suspicious attachments are compared first, and problematic emails are isolated to reveal hidden malicious programs and avoid affecting users' email reception.
Ransomware Protection      

Administrators can compare the subject, attachment files (zip/rar), and file extensions through the setting of rules and regulations, and isolate and block emails that may be attacked by ransomware emails, reducing the harm of enterprises from ransomware attacks. In addition, email attacks not only use file folders to infiltrate, but also include malicious link URLs in the content to trick users into clicking.

The MDS H169 mail system provides a URL content link filtering database, which breaks through the general filtering and targets the source IP or domain of the sender. MDS H169 adds the IP and domain in the content, which can effectively prevent ransomware attacks.

Virus mail filtering [ Kaspersky Kaspersky (optional) ]  

Built-in two sets of anti-virus engines, Calm AV anti-virus engine (free), Kaspersky Kaspersky (optional). The anti-virus software Clam AV can detect more than 4 million viruses, worms, and Trojan horse programs. Regardless of email, WEB, or FTP, it will automatically scan for viruses, automatically update virus files through the Internet every day, and provide virus email rankings list report.

Automatically check and update the virus pattern every day. Paid Kaspersky Antivirus (Kaspersky) provides enterprises with top-level network security protection under the balance of performance and detection, against viruses, malware, spam and other threats.

SPF and DKIM authentication mechanism

SPF sender source verification can filter out letters sent by illegal hosts forging legal domains; DKIM domain verification emails can be used to prevent mail content from being tampered with.

When sending an email, the Server signs the email with the private key, and confirms the public key information recorded above through DNS to the sender's domain. Whether it can be successfully paired with the private key means that the email is indeed sent by the original sender. Both the receiving end and the sending end can use DKIM to verify and prevent spammers from sending spam through fake mail senders and fake private key signatures.

Email encryption (TLS) ensures secure email delivery     
MDS H169 mail server supports TLS (MDS / MDispersion full series models), so that when users send and receive mail through SMTP, POP3 or IMAP, the mail will be transmitted by TLS encrypted connection, so that the mail data can be transmitted between the personal device and the mail host When passing between files, it can be encrypted to prevent it from being stolen.
"Mail Security Signature" Authentication Mechanism

Most hacker attack methods will steal the recipient's letter, forge the sender to reply to fraud, and in order to prevent the recipient from being received by the original sender when the recipient replies for verification, the sender's name will be partially altered , so that recipients do not suspect him and be deceived.

MDS H169 mail security signature, providing a personal verification stamp and formulating a signature icon, so that the recipient can connect to the sending mail host through the link after receiving the letter to confirm the content of the original letter, and check to confirm that the letter has been sent Whether the filer and the content are consistent and consistent.        

Email content auditing and filtering         

According to corporate regulations or internal rules of the organization, automatically filter and scan emails to detect inappropriate email behavior.

It can not only scan the complete email content, but also conduct keyword scanning for individual domains of email flow (outbound, internal, and outbound), and process methods that meet the filter conditions, such as quarantine, delete, block sender IP, and send notifications Letters, CCs, etc., assist system administrators in complying with internal and external regulations.        

Personal information law filtering protection 
In response to the protection of personal information law, provide email personal information filtering protection function, filter and audit settings for emails with sensitive personal information, administrators can directly choose to check the audit ID number, credit card number, phone number, mobile phone number, date of birth and other filter conditions for control.
Mail record function backup             

For all the mails entering and leaving the mail server or mail gateway, together with the entrained files, all are recorded. If the user's computer mail disappears, it can be forwarded to the user by the recorder, and it can be automatically backed up to Network Neighborhood or FTP at regular intervals Server, and provide corresponding fields for quick query and interception reason query, which can help administrators understand the status of mail exchanges.

You can also quickly search and read email data that is backed up externally. The most important thing is that the format of the stored email is eml, which can be easily read or searched under any operating system.

Letter Painless Transfer          
It has the function of automatic account creation, which can automatically convert the original mail host account and letters. The administrator does not need to re-enter the account number and password, reducing the trouble of changing the old and new mail hosts and account creation. In addition to automatic account creation/transfer settings, it also provides manual creation of user accounts, AD account integration and other modes.
Decentralized control of management authority          
According to the policy of separation of powers and responsibilities of the enterprise department, the authority and management items of each administrator to log in to the management interface can be defined, including email records, user management, system management, log query, audit management, traffic statistics, POP3 proxy, etc.    
Various statistical reports        
Provides diverse and easy-to-read statistical report information—including traffic rankings, POP3 traffic rankings, personal data reports, user traffic rankings, letter type distribution, audit isolation rankings, device risk password rankings, spam source rankings, etc. Various statistics Auxiliary charts, and can set the way the charts are arranged.         
Dual machine (HA) and remote backup function 

"Create a network that is never disconnected", dual-machine backup can allow the main mail host of the enterprise to operate abnormally and stop working, the backup mail host will automatically take over as the main mail host, allowing the enterprise mail host to maintain 24 hours working normally.

The remote backup is to build a dedicated mail host in the head office and branch offices. When the mail host in any place fails, the system can automatically switch to another host to keep running. It is not necessary for the enterprise to send and receive emails There is a problem of interruption, so as to achieve a real remote backup service.

Responsive Webmail

In response to the popularization of mobile phones in the trend of the times, the HERHSIANG mail server has a built-in responsive WEBMAIL, which supports computer/laptop/tablet/mobile browsers to facilitate sending and receiving messages outside.

Any location is not limited, as long as you browse, write and send and receive emails directly through the browser (https), the connection transmission process is protected by encryption protection mechanism to ensure the security of email communication.

In addition, it also provides many friendly operation functions, such as: email dragging, email preview, login verification, email subject association, content quick search, multi-level folders, personal email rules, personal signature files, and more importantly, shared folders , Auto-reply forwarding, delay sending letters... and many other powerful functions.

Outlook express style Webmail (transition module)           

The HERHSIANG mail server has a built-in Outlook like Webmail, which is similar to the Outlook express style user interface, which is convenient for users to operate and use immediately.

Any location is not limited, as long as you browse, write and send and receive emails directly through a browser (http or https), the connection transmission process is protected by an encryption mechanism to ensure the security of email communication.

In addition, it also provides many friendly operation functions, such as: email dragging, email preview, login verification, email subject association, content quick search, multi-level folders, personal email rules, personal signature files, and more importantly, shared folders , Auto-reply forwarding, delay sending letters... and many other powerful functions.

Webmail folder sharing ( cloud hard drive )

The MDS H169 mail host cloud hard disk provides a shared space for all users. Users can share promotional materials, presentation materials, technical documents, market information, etc., and can quickly upload or download files through the interface, and classify these files. Some are private, and some can be made public. Users can go to the Webmail website to grab the information at any time if they want to inquire about it.

When the attached file of the mail is too large, the mail server provides that the file exceeding the file size limit can be converted into a hyperlink on the administrator side.

Webmail 2-step verification

Passwords can be stolen by users using the same password on multiple websites, downloading software over the Internet, clicking links in email messages, and more.

MDS H169 Webmail uses a two-step verification mechanism to ensure account security through LINE notification verification or backup EMAIL.

Even if someone in the wrong hands steals your password, 2-step verification keeps your account safe.

POP3 proxy

In addition to the company email account, the user may have other important accounts in use. To grasp the latest information, it is often necessary to log in to different browser pages to collect all the letters at once.

In order to save the time and convenience for users to receive mail, HERHSIANG mail server provides POP3 proxy function, which can receive all mails uniformly through the account of the machine, and users can also set their own POP3 proxy function through the Webmail interface.

Oversized attachment sending function       
The MDS H169 distributed architecture mail server mail sending method eliminates the problem of capacity limitation. It adopts the method of replacing the attachment file of the letter with hyperlink download. When the sender's transmission capacity exceeds the administrator's setting, the user will receive the When sending a letter, it will quickly download the file information in http mode or encryption mode (https).
Push Mail mobile mail

With the popularization of mobile Internet devices, when business personnel go out, they have no way to receive customer E-mail messages in real time. How can they quickly grasp the latest and most important information in the mailbox?

The Push Mail function of the MDS H169 mail host allows you to shorten the distance between you and your customers.

Whether using a tablet computer or a smart phone, users can receive the latest email information through the Internet anytime, anywhere.

e-newsletter delivery system   
E-newsletter is an indispensable marketing tool for business operations. Companies often have many new products on the market. Of course, the promotion of old products is not a problem. In the past, most new product descriptions were sent to customers by email. E-mail delivery is time-saving and convenient.    
Co-signature file (email disclaimer)      
For emails sent out by the company, the company's common signature file (including the mail disclaimer) can be automatically added. Different content can be set according to different domain names, and the administrator can set the content of the signature file by himself, and the account that does not apply the shared signature file with IP address.
Synchronization integration of Outlook address book and Google calendar       

Allowing users to use the webmail and outlook address book lists (including groups) synchronously, MDS H169 provides the Outlook Connector communication synchronization integration function, no matter you use it on the Outlook or Webmail interface, they can be synchronized with each other quickly and regularly, allowing you to E-mail is easier and more convenient to use.

The MDS H169 mail server calendar can be integrated with Google Calendar, and all schedules can be viewed on the same page, whether it is meetings, work or private leisure time, it can be easily arranged.             

personal calendar

The easy-to-use calendar tool included in Webmail can also help you manage daily events and calendars.

It also provides a group calendar function, allowing you to keep track of all department-related activities at the same time.

MDS H169 Webmail calendar not only has the operation settings of the web version, but also provides APP applications (including IOS and Android), which can synchronize schedules.Webmail

easy management 

Use the web method to set and update the firmware, the operation screen can be switched to traditional Chinese/simplified Chinese/English at any time, and the remote control service of ping/http/https can be turned on/off at will.

It also provides a variety of network testing tools, including PING, Traceroute, DNS query, Port query and other tools.

Email encryption and compression (whole email or attachment)        

MDS H169 mail host allows enterprises to provide a more secure operation structure for gateway and terminal under the existing mail system structure.

Administrators can convert their entire .eml emails to encrypted PDF files for specific personnel, or encrypt and compress only the attachments of their emails to ensure that emails are stolen during transmission and leak important information.

The receiver can use the PDF reader program when receiving the email, and enter the password to view the original email content, including the attachment files of course.

System backup restore

In addition to the high-quality configuration of the hardware, for the set backup content, the backup is performed at a specified time, and the USB slot on the HERHSIANG mail server interface can be directly used for backup, which makes maintenance convenient for the administrator.

After the whole machine is backed up with USB HDD, if the local system hard disk fails, you can also choose the USB system backup disk to be used when starting up, and the whole machine will return to the state before backup, which can replace the tape drive The system does permanent storage.

Hard drive auto detection (PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD fully automatic)        

For mail hosts, the hard disk plays an important role like the heart of the human body. It stores all the emails of the company. If the company does not have a good backup mechanism, there may be data loss when the hard disk is damaged. At this time, it is possible to remedy it. It's too late.

In view of this, the MDS H169 mail host provides an automatic hard disk detection mechanism. Through real-time detection, the health status of the hard disk can be grasped, and relevant warnings can be provided, so that the administrator has an additional security precaution.

hardware specification     


PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD 1000GB*1 ( Micron P3-Series )

SATA-III 3.5" HDD 1000GB*1 [Change Singe Port 10GbE SFP+ fiber optic network model to 2.5" SSD]

Console: On-Screen Keyboard

USB 3.0 Port: 2 / USB 2.0 Port: 2

Number of people: no limit

System Management

Admin settings using a browser ( HTTPS )

Supported Service Agreement


OnBoard web interface

1 LAN / 1 HA (All Giga Port) [Singe Port 10GbE SFP+ fiber optic network model(LAN)]

use environment

Working environment temperature: 0~60°C / Working environment humidity: 5%~95%

Safety certification


Model Dimensions

385mm (D) x 145mm (H) x 565mm (W)

Power Supplier

Input Power : 100~250 VAC (Auto Switching) / Power Supply: 250 Watts

Placement method: rack mount

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