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Email & Archive Common Issues
Support IPMI smart platform remote management interface model

MDispersion H24E / H57TA / H91X / H57TA2D / H91X2D

MArchive H57TA / H91X

MD2 H57TA2D / MA2 H57TA / MDA H57TA

MArchive/MDS/MDispersion Console settings

Please connect RS-232 for the following models (please use exclusive RS-232, which is attached when purchasing the machine)
MDispersion H2E / MDispersion H5X / MDispersion H22E / MDispersion H55X / MDispersion H57X / HMail P30 / MDispersion H24E
Please use PC / NB to download putty and install it. COM? Please set it according to the built-in number of PC / NB, and set the speed to 115200 N 8 1

Please connect the keyboard and screen for the following models
MDispersion H7X / MDispersion H9X / MDispersion H91X / MDispersion H57TA (U) (W) / MDispersion H168 (U) (D) / MD2 H57TA2D / MDispersion H91X2D / MDispersion H57TA2D (U) (W)

MArchive H57TA / H91X / MA2 H57TA


Mail server & mail archive server firmware update manually, where can the update file be downloaded
For related update files, please go to the quick link at the bottom of the official website -> Firmware Download, click the link to download
What brand of mainboard does the mail server & mail archiving server use?
The company's MArchive series of mid-level/high-level and MDS/MDispersion series of primary/mid-level/high-level all use American Supermicro server-level motherboards, and have more than 12 years of related experience.
After gmail.com changed the email device, it might suddenly fail to send emails and get bounced

At present, Google gmail.com strengthens its security detection in order to help the mail system security checks, adding IP anti-interpretation, SPF, DKIM and DMARC, etc. 4 requirements need at least the first 3 requirements, which can avoid phishing attacks by interested people

DNS IP reverse solution
Provided by the ISP external line manufacturer, a C Class network segment is required for self-management.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Sender Policy Framework
Related parameters are set in the management domain DNS SERVER

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), domain verification mail, used to prevent mail content from being tampered with
Follow the built-in function of MDS/MDispersion mail server or MArchive mail archiving server, set it in the management domain DNS SERVER

DMARC is used to supplement the shortcomings of SPF and DKIM
Following the DKIM function built into the device, DKIM takes effect and DMARC takes effect automatically

DKIM & DMARC Operating Setting Instructions
File download->Function operation file

MArchive/MDS/MDisperison and other series of mail equipment failure recovery, which method can provide fast recovery and online use

According to HERHSIANG Information Planning, various supported recovery methods of the official website email device are explained, divided into complete machine equipment and the built-in data storage hardware (SSD/HDD) of the equipment.

According to the whole machine:
Do dual-machine equipment HA (hardware hot backup), and the backup machine for online machine failure will automatically take over within a few minutes. It will take a long time to repair the online machine, and the impact time will be about a few minutes.

According to the data storage hardware (SSD/HDD), the switching speed is fast -> slow, synchronized backup RAID -> Onboard internal connection -> -> USB external connection -> remote backup, fast -> slow order description:

1. RAID 1 (Mirror), if one SSD/HDD fails, replace it with a new SSD/HDD, the RAID array will automatically rebuid (automatic synchronization), there will be some loading, but it will not affect the use.
Related models: MArchive H91XT / MDispersion H91X

2. The device has a built-in second synchronous backup disk, which synchronizes the data of the whole machine regularly (differential data synchronization, faster synchronization time). If the main data disk fails to be hot-extracted and removed, it needs to be shut down or directly shut down after being taken out, the whole machine needs to be shut down. Restart the console or the on-screen keyboard screen and select the backup disk encoding sd? to take over and use it online. The SSD/HDD may take a long time to be sent for repair or replacement.
Related models:
MArchive H91XT / H57TA
MDS H169
MDispersion H91X/H91X2D/H57TA/H57TA2D/H168

3. USB external synchronization backup disk, regular synchronization of the entire machine data (differential data synchronization, due to the long synchronization time of USB conversion to SATA), the need to disassemble and install the host and USB backup disk equipment is more time-consuming than item 2, the conversion action is the same as item 2

Related models:
MArchive H91XT / H57TA
MDS H169
MDispersion H91X/H91X2D/H57TA/H57TA2D/H168
HMail P30

4. Scheduled remote backup file servers or NAS devices need to restore data through network system restoration. The more data, the longer it will take, about 30 minutes to more than an hour. There will be Loading in the relevant network environment of the same network segment. ) , the user will be slower when surfing the Internet.
Related models:
MArchive H91XT / H57TA
MDS H169
MDispersion H91X/H91X2D/H57TA/H57TA2D/H168
HMail P30

The above methods are unable to assess the risk of consistent failure. For data security, please use two or more methods to synchronize backup or remote backup.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Sender Policy Framework parameter setting suggested value

Please set the following parameters to your own domain's self-managed DNS Server or hosted DNS, please set TXT

IP4 parameters:
v=spf1 ip4:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ~all

IP6 parameters:

No IPV6 IP, no need to set up IPV6

Whether the test works


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