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MDS/MDispersion Manage interface initial value connection mode


admin / adminpw

MFunction Manage interface initial value connection mode


admin / adminpw

MDS/MDispersion mail server supports AI Spam/Rspamd/SpamAssassin three spam filtering engines which one has better filtering effect
It is recommended to switch to Rspamd, the actual filtering effect of the online operation. Customers say that the filtering effect is very good, and the spam is also reduced a lot. Coupled with the email firewall mechanism, the effect is even better.
Additional payment AI Spam phishing and spam filtering effect can reach 99.5%, providing customers with another choice.
Google Play cannot download the new version of the Android Mail App update
The Android Mail App (inclusive) produced by the company cannot meet the level required by Google, so it cannot be placed on Google Play, so the Mail App is placed on the company's official website for customers to download and upload the mobile phone update.
MDS/MDispersion series firewalls need to open the corresponding service port

Outgoing SMTP(S): TCP 25 / SSL: 465 or 587

Incoming POP3(S): TCP 110 / SSL 995

Incoming IMAP(S): TCP 143 / SSL 993


Management interface: TCP 88

Responsive WEBMAIL https:999


Personal cloud service: TCP https:8888 http:80

Mail Gateway -> Personalization Rules: TCP 666

CardDAV and CalDAV synchronization: TCP 667

Webmail cloud-disk sharing link: TCP http:8087 https:8884


The above are the factory default values, if you change it yourself, please change it

MDS/MDispersion's new version of responsive WEBMAIL supports models and precautions

HMail P30

MDispersion H168 (U,D)

MDispersion H57TA2D (U,W)

MDispersion H91X2D

How to support different models of MDipserison in the new version of HA responsive WEBMAIL


MDispersion H91X2D (supports the new version of responsive WEBMAIL) and MDispersion H91X (does not support the new version of responsive WEBMAIL), this excludes synchronization during HA synchronization, and synchronizes with the existing function, without affecting the synchronization.

MDispersion H91X2D can choose to switch between old and new WEBMAIL use

MDispersion H91X only works with older versions of WEBMAIL

Related Instructions Apply

MDispersion H5 series with different types of HA

The downloaded file of Mail App version cannot be installed directly on versions above Andriod 12/13. You can use the third-party cloud installation method to explain

Please download the Mail App and upload it to a cloud file server, such as Dropbox or OneDrive.. etc.

The following installation operations take Dropbox as an example

(1) Upload the Mail App file to Dropbox

(2) The execution file appears to install unknown applications, select Allow.

(3) The first installation program shows installation, please choose to install

(4) The Mail App has already been installed and the update action is displayed, please select Update.

(5) After the installation is complete, you can choose to complete or open the Mail App

The mail device supports AI Spam automatic spam protection function module model
Since the function of this module requires a high-performance CPU and at least 8GB of memory, the supported models after testing by Hexiang Information Technology are as follows:
MDispersion H57TA & H57TA2D & H91X & H91X2D


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