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MDS/MDispersion Manage interface initial value connection mode


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MFunction Manage interface initial value connection mode


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NTS/UTM/HSecurity Manage interface initial value connection mode


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Firewall and mail server product warranty and maintenance

Product warranty Description:
Wo Cheung information from October 2013 onwards to buy NGS / NTS / UTM / HSecurity / MDispersion / MFunction / MFunctionway / MArchive for 2 years hardware warranty, the transformer for half a year warranty, do not provide spare parts service, for spare parts to purchase spare parts; Goods and the use of non-parts of the company to tear up the warranty label is not within the warranty.
Please purchase the Wo Cheung information products, the proper preservation of the invoice or sufficient to prove the date of purchase of the certificate, and requested the request when the warranty date to provide proof of purchase documents.
General Warranty:
The customer may return the defective product to the Company or return it directly to the Company for repair service via the original purchaser, and send the equipment transformer back to the test. If the product is repaired during the warranty period, Free maintenance service, and if the equipment to determine the maintenance, the right to replace the same model of the product.
※ The warranty does not include the relevant transportation costs of the product delivery
Required conditions for fulfilling the warranty:
When consumers need Wo Cheung information maintenance services, consumers should make the relevant documents to prove the original purchase date of goods (invoice certificate) to determine whether the goods sent to maintain the warranty period.
Warranty Repair / Repair Service Applicable to:
The warranty repair / repair service object is limited to the legitimate distribution channels in Taiwan to buy Wo Cheung information products consumers.
New warranty:
Consumers will replace the entire package and accessories (including gifts), with invoices or related purchase vouchers to the dealer at the time of purchase within seven days of product hardware failure, rather than man-made damage.
Exception set out in the preceding paragraph:
Wo Xiang information products only in the product of raw materials and their own process to provide the necessary warranty. Wo Cheung Information is not obligated to provide warranty service if it is caused by any of the following factors, but may accept service for paid maintenance.
1. handling error when shipping.
2. Damage caused by accidents, man-made damage, improper use (including abnormal power on and off, resulting in database damage that cannot be rescued) or installation, as well as damage caused by self-changed parts. Abuse, misuse, neglect, repair or unauthorized modification by the user.
3. Damage caused by natural disasters or power problems.
1. The terms of the above warranty are not applicable.
2. If the product is repaired during the warranty period, if it can not be repaired or discontinued, Wo Cheung will replace the original equipment or the same grade of the product, the warranty is still based on the original purchase of the warranty period.

Non-warranty range:
The following circumstances are not within the scope of warranty, Wo Xiang to meet customer needs, will provide maintenance services, but Wo Cheung information has discretion to charge the cost of NT$1,500 yuan, part costs separately.
1. Products that are not covered by the warranty period (which have exceeded the warranty period or can not provide proof of purchase (eg invoice) to prove that the product is still within the warranty).
2. Failure to comply with the use of the instructions contained in the instructions, damage (such as: abnormal operation, falls, blow, liquid inflow ...), is not within the warranty.
3. are subject to force majeure (such as: floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, typhoon ..., etc.), caused by the failure, damage are not within the warranty.
4. If you do not use the original transformer case, causing damage to the machine, it is human damage, not included in the warranty conditions.
5. The product is repaired or disassembled by non-Wo Cheung Information Co., Ltd. or by authorized dealer.
6. Customers will return the product to Wo Cheung Information Co., Ltd. or authorized dealer repair or disassembly, please first copy the information, if the maintenance or disassembly process caused the loss of stored information, Wo Cheung Information Co., Ltd. or authorized The dealer is not responsible.
7. Wo Cheung Information Co., Ltd. or Authorized Dealer shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Products, the loss of commercial benefits, the loss of the stored product storage information or the indirect or incidental damages. Wo Cheung Information Co., Ltd. or authorized dealer to customers for the use of products arising from the direct damage to the liability of the customer to buy the product price for the maximum ceiling.
Extended warranty:
After the product warranty period, please sign a product extended warranty or maintenance contract with the company.
Rapid changes in electronic products, has been discontinued or used for five years of products, no longer accept the extended warranty contract.

Mail server and mail archiving server The company can accept product extension warranty for more than five years, please contact our business separately.

What are the protections of firewall or mail server extended warranty and maintenance contract?

The company's firewall or mail server are signed in the form of hardware extended warranty and maintenance contracts. If you need to extend the warranty or maintenance, please sign after the 2-year warranty of the new product. After signing the contract, the company will provide machine repair services and Spare parts service during the repair period, and also enjoy engineer support, setting check problems and firmware update services.

MDS/MDispersion mail server supports AI Spam/Rspamd/SpamAssassin three spam filtering engines which one has better filtering effect
It is recommended to switch to Rspamd, the actual filtering effect of the online operation. Customers say that the filtering effect is very good, and the spam is also reduced a lot. Coupled with the email firewall mechanism, the effect is even better.
Additional payment AI Spam phishing and spam filtering effect can reach 99.5%, providing customers with another choice.
NGS/NTS 3G/4G/LTE/5G USB Mobile wireless card List

3G/4G USB: DLINK DWM-222 / HUAWEI E3372h / HUAWEI E161 (3G only)

5G USB: APAL Dongle

NGS/NTS cooperative defense switch support model list


NGS/NTS AP management support model list

Netgear WAC510

NGS new generation firewall DASHBOARD graphic report support model
 NGS 3H / 5H / 1351HF / 3542HTG / 3572HF / 5752HF / 5792HF / 5772HG / 5972HG / 5952HTG


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