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Mail Archive Server
MArchive management interface initial value connection method


admin / adminpw

MArchive series firewalls need to open the corresponding service port

Bridge mode:

Management interface: TCP 88

Personal UI: TCP 443

Gateway mode:

Management interface: TCP 88

Personal UI: TCP 443

SMTP (S): TCP 25 / SSL 465 and 587


The above are the factory default values, if you change it yourself, please change it

MArchive mail archiving server supports AI Spam/Rspam two spam filtering engines
Rspam already provides better filtering than SpamAssassin.
Additional payment AI Spam phishing and spam filtering effect can reach 99.5%, providing customers with another choice.
Mail archiving device supports AI Spam automatic spam protection function module model
Since the function of this module requires a high-performance CPU and at least 8GB of memory, the supported models after testing by Hexiang Information Technology are as follows:
MArchive H57TA & H91XT


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