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Update #2 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4.1
Update #2 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4.1

Interface →
(01) Added: [Threat Intelligence] related functions, providing graphical display of statistical data and real-time intelligence.
(The function must be enabled in [Mail Server Management > Package Management/Authorization Management])
(02) Fixed: [Homepage] "Virtual Memory" information error problem.
(03) Fixed: The problem of [New WebMail] function disappearing in some models.
(04) Fixed: Some interface language text errors.

(01) Adjustment: Enhance the anti-virus processing efficiency of the mail processing program.
(02) Fixed: In some cases, the mail processing program was abnormal and caused excessive CPU load.
(03) Fix: When there are many recipients of a letter, the letter may not be received.
(04) Fixed: The problem of failure to send the reply slip in some cases.
(05) Fixed: An issue where attachments to letters were abnormal in some cases.
(06) Correction: In some cases, the text of the letter may display abnormally due to the large number of words in a single line.
(07) Fix: In some cases, the mail service unexpectedly closed the connection.

Update #1 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4.1
Update #1 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4.1

Applicable version
3.1.4 (1696292685, 1698980433)


After the software is updated, the system will automatically restart and resume suspended services.

※Mail server management※
Service Management→
Fixed: "New WebMail interface, using https protocol" issue where the port number cannot be set to 443

Package management/license management→
Newly added: [Threat Intelligence] function item.

※Email audit and protection※
Audit regulations→
(01) Adjustment: [Add/Edit] > "Operation of filter conditions" > "Personal information": "Phone number|Mobile phone number" supports international phone format.
(02) Adjustment: Optimize the analysis efficiency of attachment files.
(03) Fixed: [Add/Edit] > "Operation of Filter Conditions" > "Email Attachment File Name Contains" setting is invalid.
(04) New: [Add/Modify] > "Operation of filter conditions > Personal data" ODF file filtering problem is invalid.
(05) Fixed: The problem that "Priority" cannot be adjusted in some cases.

Mail Firewall→
Fixed an issue where the "SMTP Authentication Vulnerability" feature did not work correctly when enabled.

※Email virus filtering※
Basic settings →
(01) Fixed: "Poisoned email processing method > Clear attachment contents of poisoned emails" will incorrectly delete attachments that cannot be scanned.
(02) Correction: In some cases, attachments were renamed to blank.

Anti-virus settings →
Correction: "Kaspersky Antivirus Engine Settings" virus code is not automatically updated or the update fails in some cases
The problem.

※Spam management※
Basic settings →
Fixed: "EDM - Electronic Newsletter" description information text error.

Spam notification list settings→
Fix: When enabling the [User Management > Master-Slave Architecture Management] environment, the settings cannot be saved.

Spam protection →
(01) Fixed: "Greylist" > "Execution Time": "Weekly Execution" cannot set a time range that spans days.
(02) Correction: When "DKIM Verification" and "DKIM Public and Private Key List" settings are enabled, some functions may not function
Invalid question.

※User management※
Account management→
     Correction: [Add/Edit] > "Enable service after logging in for the first time" In some cases, authentication can still be performed without enabling the service.
The question of success.

Password security management→
     Adjustment: "User Password Comparison Rules" adds New Webmail linkage related functions.

Group account management→
[Department Management]
     Fixed: The problem that the [Copy Department] and [Move Department] functions are invalid.

※System Management※
Network settings →
     Adjustment: Removed some invalid information in "Network Card Status".

Manage account settings→
(01) Adjustment: Remove the "Secondary Administrator Permissions/Password Permissions" field and replace it with the "Administrator Permissions" field, and
It is divided into three permissions: "High-level administrator | Second-level administrator | General administrator".
(02) Adjustment: [Add/Edit] "Manage Project" adds [Select All] function setting.

Backup and Device Management→
     Fixed: In some cases, the backup process failed due to file size being too large.

Restore account mailbox→
     Fixed: In some cases, the mailbox space usage information is incorrect after restoring the account mailbox.

High availability →
     Fixed: In some cases, the HA database synchronization time is too long.

System Management →
     Fix: The registration screen appears after executing "System On/Off" > "Clear All Data and Restore Default Values"

Testing Tools →
     Fixed: "Check the services enabled on the computer" HTTPS service detection result is incorrect.

Message notification →
     Correction: "Notification Letter Group/Line Notification Group List" > [Add/Edit] > "Notification Item"
When "[System Management > High Availability] Notifications" is not checked, relevant notifications are still received
The problem.

Website server→
(01) Adjustment: "Website Server Operation > WebMail Login Interface Example" > [Download] Add explanation text
(02) Fixed: The problem that the "Http protocol port number" setting can still be saved when it is duplicated with other services.

SSL certificate →
(01) Correction: [Download Certificate] When the administrator's password uses some special characters, the download will fail.
(02) Fixed: After updating the certificate, the prompt that the SSL certificate length is too small is not removed.
(03) Fixed: After updating the certificate, the SSL certificate expired prompt is removed.

Remote recording server→
(01) Added: "Log Settings > Log Format" Added CEF format setting.
(02) Added: "Log Settings" > "Log Format" function settings.
(03) Fixed: "Remote Connection Settings" > "Server IP/Server Port" settings did not take effect after being modified.

※Log query※
Mail log →
(01) Fixed: The problem that the [Send by Recipient] function cannot be used.
(02) Fixed: [Export] function failure problem.
(03) Correction: In some cases, there may be a problem of missing logs.

SMTP log→
(01) Fixed: [Export] function failure problem.
(02) Correction: In some cases, there may be a problem of missing logs.

System log →
(01) Adjustment: "Pop3/Imap/Webmail Connection Records" removes related records of local service connections.
(02) Adjustment: Removed logged file size information.

Update #3 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4
Update #3 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4

(01) Adjustment: The [Letter Recycling] function has enhanced prompts when executing in non-local domains.
(02) Fixed: In some cases, after selecting a letter, clicking the "Forward", "Reply" and "Print" buttons are invalid.
(03) Fixed: An issue where the content of the email displayed abnormally when using "Print".
(04) Fixed: An issue where email attachments were not displayed correctly in some cases.
(06) Fixed: An issue where opening a specific message would cause the interface to display abnormally.
(07) Correction: In some cases, the letter cannot be displayed properly because the letter has multiple codes.
(08) Fixed: In some cases, pictures in letters could not be loaded automatically.

Bulletin Board →
(01) Fixed: When [Publish Announcement] > "Send Letter" is enabled, the letter is not sent normally.
(02) Fixed: An issue where the pop-up window of some situation bulletin boards displays abnormally.

Contact →
     Adjustment: Some interface text information. (EN language system has not adjusted this item)
- "Create Directory" > "Add Directory".
- "Create a new shared address book" > Add a new shared address book directory.
- Add group drop-down menu "Uncategorized" > "My Contacts".

(01) Adjustment: Increase the compatibility of event invitation letters with other software.
(02) Fixed: When setting reminders in calendars created by WebMail, calendars synchronized using CalDAV did not display reminders.
(03) Correction: In some cases, when event invitations are initiated through CalDAV, the WebMail calendar does not appear.
(04) Fixed: In the date picker on the left page, right-clicking the new calendar event button does not work.
(05) Fixed: Synchronized Google Calendar missing periodic events.
(06) Fixed: The event pop-up window displays abnormally.
(07) Correction: In some cases, periodic events spanning multiple months may be missing.
(08) Fixed: The start and end time of the interface for setting the event period are incorrect.
(09) Fix: The problem of recurring periodic events occurred.
(10) Fixed: An issue where events were accessed abnormally in different time zones.

Settings →
     Fixed: When the "Password/Two-Step Verification Notification Email" setting is enabled, the language of the notification email received is incorrect.
     Fixed: When "Contact name display" is set to "Archive as", some information of [Contact] is not displayed correctly.

Others →
(01) Adjustment: In the password change interface, a blocking action will be performed when the old password is entered incorrectly multiple times.
(02) Adjustment: Strengthen password strength check and format restrictions.
(03) Adjustment: The action of changing the password is added to the event log of the management interface.
(04) Fixed: In some cases, the browser icon is not displayed after logging in.
(05) Fix: The two-step verification interface displays abnormally when logging in in some cases.

※New WebMail※
(01) New: Added [Insert Picture] button to the letter editor.
(02) Fixed: "Advanced Search" > "Content" search results were incorrect.
(03) Fixed: [Write a letter] unable to select other senders when clicking "Sender".
(04) Fixed: The problem that the [Retrieve] action cannot be performed for the content of the notification letter of the spam list.
(05) Fixed: When the recipient or sender name contains brackets, the content of the brackets will not be displayed.
(06) Correction: The subject of the letter cannot be displayed in some cases.
(07) Fixed: The problem that the content of the letter cannot be displayed in some cases.
(08) Correction: In some cases, the date in the letter is incorrect.
(09) Fixed: The "+" character disappears in the message content.
(10) Fixed: The issue that the number of unread messages did not exclude the messages in the recycle bin.

Contact →
(01) Correction: After switching accounts, the permissions of the original account are still displayed.
(02) Fixed: An issue where the interface displays abnormally in some situations.

Settings →
(01) Added: [Mail Rules] > [Import/Export] function settings.
(02) Added: [Security] > "Abnormal login notification" related function settings.
(03) Adjustment: [General Settings] > "Default Format" When "Force HTML Text" or "Force Normal Text" is set, the mail editor removes the text mode toggle button.
(04) Adjustment: [General Settings] > "Compose Email Page" change the option text to "Full-sized" | "Compact".
(05) Adjustment: [Mail Rules] > "Recipient" adds a copy field.
(06) Adjustment: [Security] > "Two-step verification" and the original WebMail are changed to independent settings.
(07) Adjustment: [Security] > "Two-step verification" adds a prompt when the list subscription is not completed and activated.
(08) Fixed: [Mail Rules] > [Add/Edit] > "Priority" information is incorrect, causing an error when saving.
(09) Fixed: [Security] > "Change Password" abnormality occurred when using some special characters.
(10) Fixed: [Security] > "Change Password" did not correctly determine password restrictions.
(11) Fixed: [Security] > "Bind LINE Notify" issue where the verification code will still be sent after unbinding.

Others →
(01) Added: [Calendar] related function settings.
(02) Added: [Cloud-Hard Disk] related function settings.
(03) Adjustment: Theme color layout and font style adjustment.
(04) Fixed: The problem that the horizontal dividing line in the interface cannot be dragged.
(05) Fixed: The problem of being able to log in even after the account is deactivated.

     Fixed: In some cases, the encoding is abnormal, resulting in the inability to receive emails.

(01) New: [Homepage] Add a prompt when the HTTPS certificate encryption length is less than 2048 bits.
(02) Added: [Homepage] "Server System Resources" Added disk I/O usage information.
(03) Added: [Homepage] "Database Error" prompt can be clicked to link to [System Management > System Detection]
(04) New: [System Management] > [System Detection] supports system file scanning and database repair, etc.
          Interface functions.
(05) Newly added: [System Management] > [Remote Logging Server] supports sending event logs to remote logging servers.
           Server and other related interface functions.
(06) Added: [System] detects IO errors caused by incorrect connection of hardware lines.
(07) Adjustment: [Mail] does not execute the automatic reply function when receiving a bounce notification.
(08) Adjustment: [Mail] optimizes the processing flow to reduce system load and repeated execution of programs.
(09) Adjustment: [System] Add upload file type restrictions and judgments, and adjust related prompts.
(10) Adjustment: [System] Strengthen system security and filter and restrict data for connection requests.
(11) Adjustment: [System] Some update connections are changed to https encrypted connections.
(12) Adjustment: [System] When restoring the admin password through console operation, add
           Event log.
(13) Correction: [Homepage] When the login fails, the prompt information in the upper right corner will cause the management interface to not display properly.
(14) Fixed: [Homepage] In some cases, the homepage database exception prompt is incorrect.
(15) Fixed: [Homepage] The value in "Other Information" only displays 0 in some cases.
(16) Fixed: [Homepage] "Virtual Memory" will display the used capacity when there is no available capacity.
(17) Correction: [Mail] In some cases, when some recipients of the letter are quarantined, the quarantine list cannot be received.
(18) Fixed: [Mail] In some cases, the log cannot be found if the original recipient is a non-general account (ex: group account).
(19) Correction: [E-mail] In some cases, only attachments of txt letters were sent, and the outgoing recipients could not receive the letters.
(20) Correction: [Mail] In some cases, when the attachment of the letter is modified through the program, the letter cannot be read normally.
           The problem.
(21) Fixed the issue in [Mail] where "read reply slip" or "bounce" letters would be rejected by the external mail host in some cases.
(22) Correction: [Mail] The subject of the letter was not displayed correctly in some cases.
(23) Fixed: [Mail] The problem of incorrect header information in some cases.
(24) Fixed: [Mail] In some cases, the text format of the letter is incorrectly parsed.
(25) Correction: [System] There is a sql injection problem in some programs.
(26) Fixed: [System] incorrectly shutting down the service in some cases.
(27) Fixed: [System] In some cases, when formatting the hard drive from the console, the network interface setting is incorrect.
(28) Correction: [System] Some dates did not correctly capture the system record format, resulting in io exceptions not being determined.
(29) Correction: [System] After some services have been executed for a period of time, resource accumulation exceeds the upper limit, causing service abnormalities.
           The problem.
(30) Correction: [System] When HA/master-slave architecture/HERHSIANG sync is not enabled, the connection of related services is not restricted.

Update #2 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4
Update #2 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4

Account management→
(01) Added: "New WebMail two-step verification" related function settings and information.
Related interface paths:
- "Search criteria"
- "Export local account"
- "Change initial account settings"
- "List information"
- "Add/modify single account"
(02) Adjustment: [Modify] > "WebMail login password guessing attack" > [Unblock], you can specify the IP to unblock.
(03) Adjustment: [Add/Modify] The password is prohibited from being the same as the account (including domain), and password restriction prompts are added.
(04) Correction: [New/Modified] The problem that some special characters in "User Name" and "Remarks" cannot be input
(05) Fixed: [New] The problem that when adding the "Contacts - Shared Address Book Group" setting, it cannot be executed normally.
(06) Fixed: The problem of invalid search conditions when switching domains.

Master-slave architecture management→
(01) Adjustment: [System Management > Message Notification > Notification Letter Sender > Name] settings are not synchronized, and the host settings can be set separately to facilitate identification of the source of the letter.
(02) Correction: In some cases, log duplication occurred after data synchronization.
(03) Bugfix: Fixed some cases where the parent machine changes settings [Spam Management > Spam Protection > No
            The sending IP address affected by the above setting is an issue where the handset is not correctly synchronized.
(04) Fixed: The interface got stuck when multiple settings were made in [Account Management > Add/Modify] > "Account Alias" on the handset.
(05) Fixed: In some cases, the parent machine cannot send mail to the slave machine after the [Spam Management > Spam Protection > DKIM Verification] function is enabled on the slave machine.

Password security management→
(01) Correction: "User password is changed regularly" and the account being applied for will trigger an expiration issue.
(02) Fixed: After deleting a domain, the account in the domain still received the notification letter.

Group account management→
(01) Adjustment: "Import Group" > "Example", add "member_name" and "uid" field descriptions.
(02) Fixed: [Import Group] > "Upload File" caused the interface to get stuck due to incorrect file content format.
(03) Fixed: [Modify] > "Members with group sender permissions", the problem cannot be cleared.

Department Management→
     Adjustment: "Import Department" > "Example", add "uid" field description.

Transfer tool→
     Fixed: "Use IMAP protocol to transfer mail" will cause the function when the source mailbox name has a '~' symbol.
           Unusual problem.

※System Management※
Network settings →
(01) Adjustment: Change the name of "Mail Server MAC" to "Network Card Status".
(02) Adjustment: Added display of "Transmission Speed" and "Duplex" information.

DNS settings →
(01) Tweak: Upgrade DNS service package program.
(02) Fixed: "Proxy's domain name" click list "View" cannot be displayed correctly.
(03) Fixed: [New/Modified] The problem that the "owner's email address" verification format mechanism is incorrect.
(04) Correction: [Export DNS] exports invalid files in some cases without error prompts.
DNS advanced settings→
     Fix: When selecting a single piece of data in the interface, deletion was invalid.

Manage account settings→
(01) Added: [Add/Modify] > "Two-step verification" related function settings.
(02) Adjustment: [Add/Modify]> "Account" added to prohibit the use of '<' characters.
(03) Adjustment: [New/Modify] > "Management Items: Log Query" > "Email Encryption Log", switch the [Email Encryption Log] button on the linked interface.
(04) Adjustment: [New] "API Permissions" is not checked by default when managing accounts.
(05) Adjustment: Enhanced security, passwords are encrypted and saved.
(06) Adjustment: Remove the "Password" information from the list field.

Backup and Device Management→
(01) Added: [New/Modify] > "System Backup Settings" > "Backup Items": "System Settings" Added backup New WebMail two-step verification related setting data.
(02) Added: [New/Modify] > "System Backup Settings" > "Backup Item": "Cloud-Hard Disk" Add backup New WebMail "Cloud-Hard Disk" related setting data.
(03) Added: [Add/Modify] > "System Backup Settings" > "Backup Items": "System Settings" adds backup contact related information.
(04) Added: [New/Modify] > "System Backup Settings" > "Backup Items": "System Settings" adds backup calendar related data.
(05) Added: [Modify] > "Email Backup Rules" function setting.
(06) Fixed: "Email and Record Backup Settings > "Single Backup Time Limit (Hours)", an incorrect prompt was displayed when an error was entered.
(07) Fixed: When "Backup Mode" is set to "Compressed Transfer", the system restore interface does not display the "Restore IP" information.
(08) Fixed: When "Backup Mode" is set to "Compressed Transfer", when different domains have the same account name, the restore will be incorrect.
(09) Fixed: "System Backup Settings" > "Backup Items" : "System Settings" did not back up the problem of [SMTP Agent > Queue Management] data.
(10) Fixed: "System Backup Settings" > "Backup Items" : "System Settings" did not back up WebMail SSL certificate data.
(11) Fixed: "Full system backup" issue where HA related settings were not backed up.
(12) Fixed: In some cases, the problem of incorrect backup when executing "Email Backup" for multiple settings.
(13) Fixed: The problem that it cannot be mounted in some cases.
(14) Fixed: Warning will appear after repeated mounting multiple times.

System settings backup/restore→
     Fixed: In some cases, automatic backup is still performed when the settings have not been modified.

Restore account mailbox→
     Fixed: When performing a restore action, selecting "Keep" and selecting multiple accounts to restore did not perform the restore correctly.
     Fix: In some cases, the selectable backup directory is not displayed.

High availability →
(01) Fixed: In some cases, the credentials of the standby host management interface were not replaced correctly.
(02) Correction: In some cases, during database synchronization, pausing synchronization or disabling HA will cause the email to be delayed.
           Abnormal ambition problem.
(03) Fixed: The New Webmail user interface has set up multiple accounts, but switching to slave cannot switch accounts.
(04) Fixed: In some cases, the service was abnormal when switching from the standby host to the service host.

System update →
     Fixed: "Registration Information" > "High Availability Synchronous Update". In some cases, when synchronized firmware update is used, the service host cannot be updated.

System Management →
     Added: "Release memory" related function settings.

Message notification →
(01) Fixed: "Notification Items" > [System Management > Backup and Device Management > System Scheduled Backup] is not checked and still receives notifications.
(02) Fixed: "Notification Items" > "Login Management System Failed Notification" was not checked and the notification was still received.
(03) Correction: In some cases, Line notification will incorrectly prompt that the API has 0 remaining times.

Website server→
     Tweak: "Web Server Operations > Server Links" removed the database server functionality.

SSL certificate →
(01) Adjustment: "Certificate Information > Action": [Download Certificate] is changed to download a compressed file containing ssl.crt, ssl.key, and chain.crt.
(02) Fixed: "SSL Certificate Settings > DNS Server" : "Local DNS Server - Automatic Update"
           Not receiving the notification letter.
(03) Fixed: "Certificate Information > SSL Certificate Information": [Modify & Re-Issue Certificate] The execution failed due to the "Subject Alias" format being incorrect or not being entered.
(04) Correction: In some cases, when the login timeout occurs, an "Error" will appear after clicking the interface button.

Uninterruptible power supply system →
(01) Adjustment: Add "UPS Device Port Number" function setting to "UPS Settings".
(02) Adjustment: "UPS Settings" > "Battery Low" setting value range changed to 80% - 1%.
(03) Adjustment: "UPS Settings" > "Battery Low Limit" setting value range is changed to 50% - 1%.
(04) Fixed: The problem of "High Availability Remote Management Interface" connection failure in some cases.

※Log query※
Mail log →
(01) New: [Details] Added "Send letter through Smtp authentication" information.
(02) Adjustment: When the mail communication response is 550 5.7.1, [Details] > "SMTP Connection Detailed Record" > "Response Message" displays "SMTP Abnormal Traffic".
(03) Adjustment: [Details] > "Communication Process" abnormal records are marked with a yellow background.
(04) Adjustment: "Delivery Status: Accepted/Rejected/Other" text color changed to gray/light red/brown.
(05) Adjustment: "Delivery Status" can statistically display information according to the recipient's individual status.
(06) Adjustment: When the graylist function is enabled, the response client status is changed from "on hold" to "rejected".
(07) Correction: In some cases, for letters with a successful delivery status, the [Details] > "Recipient" delivery status still displays failed.
(08) Correction: In some cases, the recipient's mail cannot be correctly queried for rejected recipients.
(09) Fix: Search "Delivery Status: Failed" caused an issue where some letters could not be found.
(10) Fixed an issue where the search for letters in the "Delivery Status: On Hold" queue could not be found.
(11) Fixed: The "read mail content" icon of the mailing list disappeared.
(12) Fixed: In some cases, when you only choose to delete the email data of "Recipient Mailbox", the email record will also be deleted.
(13) Correction: [Details] > "Communication Process" caused the record to be incomplete due to the presence of Chinese characters in some cases.
(14) Correction: In some cases, there is no detailed communication record.

event log→
     Adjustments: Added search instructions and display adjustments for API users.

System log →
     Fix: When "SMTP Communication Log Settings" > "Log Details" is set to "Simple", "SMTP
           "Log" cannot find the problem of rejecting the letter.

Log retention settings→
     Adjusted: "Mail log retention" description information, and set the value lower than [Mail Logger Management > Base
           When setting [Settings > Number of days to retain emails on this machine], a prompt message will be displayed.

※POP3 proxy※
Account management→
     Fixed: [Log] incorrect display when the size of the retrieved mail exceeds 4G.

Update #1 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4
Update #1 is available for MDS/MDispersion V3.1.4

MDS/MDisperison series V3.1.4 update content description

Applicable version (1679972400)

1. After the software is updated, the system will automatically restart and resume suspended services.
2. If you use [System Management > High Availability] before upgrading, please disable high availability or remove trust and upgrade in stand-alone mode.
3. If you use [System Management > Uninterruptible Power Supply System], please disable it before upgrading.
4. If you have manually installed the Google Workspace transfer tool, please confirm whether it is still being transferred before upgrading. Please wait until the transfer is completed before upgrading.
5. Because the New WebMail service requires the use of port 999 9994, if other services are used in [Mail Server Management > Service Management], the upgrade will be prohibited, so please remove or change it first.
6. Since the mail processing program needs to use port 58025 10025 10024, if the upgrade is prohibited when other services are used in [Mail Server Management > Service Management], please remove or change it first.

[Update matters]
※Mail server management※
Advanced settings →
     Fixed: "RTF Conversion Settings" > "Save Original Message" enabled "Provide hyperlink to download original message"
           When "Start Letter", the original letter file is abnormal.

Queue management→
(01) Fixed: "Customized queue list" issue where the mail will be bounced when the size of the mail exceeds 10M.
(02) Correction: In some cases, when "Customized Queue List" does not set "Relay Host", the delivery queue is set
            Post-delivery failure problem.

Forwarding settings →
     Fixed: "Forwarding Account Settings" > "Add/Modify" > "Forwarding Time" setting "Specified Period Forwarding", the problem cannot be saved.

Email content verification settings→
     Newly added: 【New/Modified】> "Sender Contains" Added "Send mail via SMTP authentication" function setting

Service Management→
(01) Added: "Encryption Security of Incoming Mail Service" Added "Enable Weak Protocol" function setting.
(02) Added: "New WebMail Cloud-Hard Disk Sharing Link" function setting.
(03) Added: "Rsync service trust source" function setting.
(04) Fixed: After enabling "POP3S service/IMAPS service", the connection is not correctly encrypted.
(05) Fixed: Devices that do not support "WatchDog Service" still display settings.

※Mail recorder management※
Basic settings →
(01) Added: "Mail Record Rules" function setting, which can set rules for excluding records.
(02) Adjustment: "Number of days to retain emails on this machine" description information, and when the setting value exceeds [Log Query > Days
            When setting [Log Retention Settings > Email Log Retention], a prompt message will be displayed.

※Email audit and protection※
Audit regulations→
(01) New: [Add/Modify]> "Operation of filter conditions" Added "Email attachments cannot be scanned" function
(02) New: [Add/Modify] > "Operation of filter conditions > Personal data" Add filtering of ODF files.
(03) New: [Add/Modify]> "Operation of filter conditions" Added "Send mail through SMTP authentication" function setting.
(04) Adjustment: [Add/Modify] > "Processing methods that meet filter conditions > Auditor/Agent Auditor" increases the length of characters that can be entered.
(05) Correction: [Add/Modify] > "Operation of filter conditions > Local account list" Departments without accounts
           Questions still on the list.
(06) Correction: [Add/Modify] > "Operation of filter conditions > Sender source IP address contains" cleared
           Empty settings, incorrect storage issue.
(07) Fixed: [Add/Modify] > "Processing method that meets filter conditions > Personal information > Date of birth" cannot be judged in some formats.
(08) Fixed: [New/Modified] > "Processing method that meets filter conditions > Personal data, in some cases xls xlsx files are not filtered correctly.
(09) Correction: When "Delayed Mailing" is triggered and "Email Encryption" is executed on the letter at the same time, the letter will be sent repeatedly.
(10) Fixed: [Basic and Import Settings] imported data did not determine the difference in package activation.

Audit advanced settings→
(01) Adjustment: The attachment html file of the audit notification letter supports the "encrypt and release" function.
(02) Fixed: When the auditor specified multiple letters to perform "Delayed Sending", the problem was that the letters were not sent correctly.

Internal and external delivery audit →
(01) Fixed: "Outbound mailing prohibited" issue was not executed properly because the recipient contained special characters.
(02) Correction: In some cases, when a domain is deleted and this domain is used as the recipient, internal and external delivery cannot be triggered.
           Audit issues.

Audit filter quarantine →
     Fixed: When searching for a specific "recipient", an issue with non-relevant letters would appear.

Mail Firewall→
     New: "WebMail two-step verification" adds "Administrator controls user verification days" and "Use
           User verification valid days" function setting.

※Email encryption※
Email encryption rules→
     Fixed: [Import data/Export data] data format issue is incorrect.

※Email virus filtering※
Basic settings →
     Added: "Cannot scan mail handling method" related function settings.

Anti-virus settings →
(01) Tweak: Upgraded ClamAV version to 0.103.8.
(02) Adjustment: When the virus engine is not enabled, the automatic update mechanism is turned off to reduce system load.
(03) Fixed: In some cases, ClamAV is still executed even if the setting is not enabled.

Others →
(01) Fixed: After updating the virus code, the memory usage increased significantly when loading data.
(02) Fixed: In some cases, attachments that could not be scanned were mistakenly judged to have been scanned for viruses.

※HERHSIANG Sandstorm※
Basic settings →
(01) Added: "IP Filtering" related function settings.
(02) Added: "Domain filtering" related function settings.

Sandstorm Records →
     Fixed: When a file is determined to be a malicious attachment, the detailed information is displayed incorrectly.

※Spam management※
Basic settings →
(01) Adjustment: Removed the "Basic spam filtering settings > Use engine type": "SpamAssassin" function setting.
(02) Adjustment: "Basic Spam Filtering Settings" > [Check for Updates] will add related errors when the execution fails.
            Wrong information.
(03) Fixed: "Basic Spam Filtering Settings > Use Engine Type > Rspamd" was invalid when executing [Check for Updates].
(04) Fixed: Rspamd could not update the configuration file in some cases.
(05) Correction: In some cases, the Rspamd "first sender" judgment is abnormal.

Reference library →
(01) Adjustment: Removed the action of "content link filtering mechanism" to actively send links to check URLs to avoid triggering abnormal connection behavior.
(02) Correction: In some cases, "Content link filtering mechanism > Content link filtering items" does not display the correct language
           system issues.

Spam notification list settings→
     New: Added html attachment files to notification letters, which can be operated through html files.

Spam protection →
(01) Fixed: In some cases, the SPF verification timeout caused the mail to fail.
(02) Fix: When "DKIM Verification" is enabled, the problem of unverified services will occur because "DKIM Public and Private Key List" is not enabled.
(03) Fixed: In some cases, the DKIM-Signature information of letters is incorrect.

※User management※
Initial settings →
(01) Added: "Account Initialization Settings" Added "New WebMail Two-step Verification" related function settings.
(02) Added: New WebMail multiple related function settings, and adjusted related setting instructions.
(03) Fixed: "WebMail Advanced Settings" > "HERHSIANG Sync Automatic Jump Login" issue where MA cannot jump to WebMail normally.
(04) Fixed: "WebMail Advanced Settings" > "Turn off link replacement function" does not take effect in "New WebMail".

How to create an account→
(01) Added: "New WebMail two-step verification" related function settings and information.
Related interface paths:
- "AD Account Integration > Detailed Settings" > "Synchronization Method: Manual Synchronization"
- "Create a large number of accounts using serial numbers"
- "Import account password file to create account"
(02) Adjustment: The shared address book group synchronized by AD has multiple data in the "E-mail" field in the properties.
          , you can create contacts separately.
(03) Adjustment: "Import account password file to create account > Upload account password file" added "SmtpBW" and "SmtpARMS" setting format instructions.
(04) Fixed: "AD Account Integration > Detailed Settings" > "Automatic Account Synchronization", the group members were incorrect in some cases.

NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #4
NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #4

System Operation→
(01) Adjusts to record importing action at
   【Object > Authentication > Local User】.
(02) Adds: the Wizard operation log.

(01) Adds an alert message about“database restore failed”at【Homepage】.
(02) Adjusts that no pop up alert message will be displayed after the setup
    wizard has been run at【Wizard】.
(03) Unifies display interface.
(04) Adjusts to allow copy & paste and adds format judgement at
   【2-Step Verification】.
(05) Adjusts not to generate operation log and file download when executing
    an export that has no data.
(06) Adjusts some English interface texts.
(07) Disables autofill password.
(08) Adjusts some factory default values.
   【Configuration > Basic Setting > Login Failure Block Settings】Temporarily  
    block when login failed more than: 5 (times)
   【Configuration > Basic Setting > Login Failure Block Settings】IP blocking
    period: 5 (minutes)
   【Configuration > Basic Setting > DNS > DNS Server 1/2】: /
   【Configuration > Signature Update > Auto Update】: Default ON
   【Configuration > number of items to be displayed】: Default 30 items
   【Network > Interface > Visit Control > SNMP】: Default OFF
   【Object > Firewall Protection > UDP Attack Detection Setting】: Allow
    maximum flow 10000 Packet/Second(s)
   【Service > DHCP > Primary/Secondary DNS】: /
   【Service > Anti-Virus Engine > ClamAV】: Default OFF
   【VPN > SSLVPN Server > DNS Server 1/2】: /

(01) Optimizes system security and adjusts connection requests and
(02) Optimizes database performance and recovery procedure.
(03) Updates area IP geolocation database.
(04) Upgrades jQuery UI versions.

NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #3
NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #3

(01) Adds: a unified search interface to
         【PPTP Server Log/PPTP Client Log/L2TP Log】.
(02) Fixes failure to delete accounts in VPN log.

IPSec Tunnel→
(01) Supports endpoint segments for at【Enable Routing】
(02) Adds: a loading icon while importing IPSec policies.

PPTP Server→
(01) Adds:“Accounts Expiration Date”to【PPTP Account List > Add】.
(02) Sorts the accounts list in alphabetical order at【PPTP Account List】.
(03) Adjusts to hide“password”and adds“new password”item that allows
    editing at【PPTP Account List】.
(04) Adds: to display accounts in tip suggestion during execution at
         【PPTP Account List > Delete】.
(05) Adjusts interface at【PPTP Account List > Import】.
(06) Adds:“years”to TIME at【PPTP Server Log】.

PPTP Client→
(01) Sorts the accounts list in alphabetical order at【PPTP Client List】.
(02) Adds: to display accounts in tip suggestion during execution at
         【PPTP Client List > Delete】.

SSL VPN Server→
(01) Adds:“Software Download Page Setting”that allows to define user
           download pages to the tab bar.
(02) Adds:“2-Step Verification Validity Extension”with a tip suggestion to
          【SSL VPN Setup】.
(03) Adds:“Re-generate Certificate”button to【SSL VPN Setup > Certificate
(04) Adds:“Certificate Message”with a tip suggestion to【SSL VPN Setup】.
(05) Upgrades SSL VPN Server version and reinforces certificate that helps
(06) Supports 2-Step verification to sslvpn-gui (PC client) v1.5.0.6
(07) Adjusts to disable VPN service after applying a factory reset.

(01) Adds:“Account Expiration Date”to【Account List > Add】.
(02) Sorts the Account List in order.
(03) Adjusts to hide“password”and adds“new password”item that allows
    editing at【Account List】.
(04) Adds: to display accounts in tip suggestion during execution at
         【Account List > Delete】.
(05) Adjusts interface at【Account List > Import】.

Connection Test→
    Adjusts the display of“IP Tunnel”at【Ping > Source IP】.

Capture Packet→
(01) Adjusts to select the single port item in bride mode at
   【Schedule List > Add】.
(02) Adjusts file names in chronological order at【Schedule List > Log】.
(03) Adds file size units like Kbytes & Mbytes to
   【Schedule List/Completed List】.

System Status→
(01) Adjusts that WiFi bridge mode does not affect the display in
   【WWAN User List】.
(02) Adds:“SSID”,“signals”, "Rx Bytes" and“Tx Bytes”to
          【WWAN User List】.

Flow Analysis→
    Optimizes“export”performance at【Flow Rank Search Quota】.

(01) Adds:“report language options”.
(02) Adjust to include logs that are being searched.

NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #2
NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #2

IPSec Policy→
    Adds:“Max. Concurrent Sessions for Each Source IP Address”to
         【Policy > Add】.

【IP Address】
(01) Adjusts“Define IP”from judging subnet masks to matching clustering at
   【IP Address > Assist】.
(02) Adjusts not to display IP address options in the address
    range at【IP Address > Assist】.
(03) Adjusts “Define IP” from judging subnet masks to matching clustering
    at【IP Address Gorup > Search】.

    Optimizes programs to increase packet processing speed.

Application Control→
    Adjusts unlicensed module can be transformed into the new module and   
    14-day trial can be activated at【Objects > Application Control >

URL Filter→
   Adds:“Upload Extension Blacklist”and“Download Extension Blacklist”that can control over files upload/download via webpages to【BW
List Setting > Add > Define Black/White List】.

Firewall Protection→
● Optimizes judgement of“Block Ping of Death Attack”at【Firewall
   Protection > Other items】.

(01) Adds:“Allow connection”that can limit online authentication pages to
          【Auth Setting】.
(02) Adds: 2-Step Verification to
         【POP3, IMAP, RADIUS User > Server Lists > Add】.
(03) Adds: 2-Step Verification to【AD User】.
(04) Adds:“all users/selected users” to【User Group > Add】.
(05) Adjusts to split search results into several pages at【Local User > Search】.
(06) Adjusts to allow using comma( , ) and semicolon( : ) in password at
   【Local User > Add】.
(07) Adjusts to unify tips for checking column format of POP3, IMAP, RADIUS
    User setting at【POP3, IMAP, RADIUS User】.
(08) Adds: to display“usage time”after a successful login.

(01) Syncs UI and self-define IP settings in“Default Gateway”at
    【DHCP Server > DHCP Server Setting】.
(02) Adds:“DHCP Flood Attack”to【DHCP Black MAC】.
(03) Optimized page load speed of the DHCP User List.
(04) Adjusts tip suggestion about undistributed IP quantity at
   【DHCP User List】.
(05) Adjusts IP segments which can be distributed at
   【DHCP Server > Interface > IP Address】.

(01) Adds: "Visit Control" and "Restrict Source IP Access" settings.
(02) Adjusts SNMPv1/v2.
(03) Replaces“Service Status & Running After Reboot”option with “SNMP Agent: Enable”.
(04) Removes partially unpublished message items.

※Anti-Virus Engine※
(01) Supports updating virus signatures database offline using USB flash
    drives at【ClamAV/Kaspersky Engine】(UI will be displayed only when
    USB flash drive and update files are properly recognized.).

(02) Adds: settings to【Kaspersky Engine】.
(03) Updates ClamAV version.
(04) Optimizes ClamAV memory consumption at【ClamAV Engine】.

※WEB Service※
(01) Adds: Term settings to
         【Encryption Connection Setting > Re-generate Certificate】.
(02) Updates Mac address database of iOS devices.

※High Availability※
(01) Adds: "Detection frequency" and "Auxiliary detection interface."
(02) Adds: "Service status", "Pause switching and data synchronization", 
        “Current detection status", and "Recent data synchronization time."
(03) Fixes system upgrade can still be available when HA is not disabled.

※Remote Syslog※
(01) Adds: App ID (CEF: cn1=%u; General: APP=%u).
(02) Adjusts to keep“Log Item”settings when activation check box is not
    checked at【Remote Connect Setup】.
(03) Adds: "Intranet Protection Log”to【Log item > Advanced Protection】 (CEF: SharetechFunction ; General: FUNCTION).

※Advanced Protection※
Anomaly IP Analysis→
(01) Adjust the default value into 10 (minutes) at【Block Anomaly > Action > Block】.
(02) Adjust the setting range 1-9999 (Kbps) at
   【Block Anomaly > Action > Bandwidth Limit】.

    Removes "Model: Juniper-ex2200" because the model does not support
   “SNMP Write”at【Switch Setup > Add > Switch Model】.

Intranet Protection→
(01) Adjusts to take the info of【Object > IP Address】into reference at
   【IP Collision Log】.
(02) Adds: tip suggestion for Mac address to
         【IP Collision Log > Status > Exceed the threshold/Detected the
           same IP】.
(03) Adds:“Event”to the table at【IP Collision Log】.
(04) Optimizes packets processing speed.

※Mail Security※
Filter & Log→
(01) Adds tips to each items explaining about communication ports.
(02) Adds:“Enable POP3”to【Retrieve Mail Anti-Virus】.
(03) Adds: 【SSL Certification Set】setting.

Mail Log→
    Adds: colors and description to“Message Responses”in order to help
          determine the types of source at【Today Mail/Mail Search Result】.

(01) Adds: colors and description to“Message Responses”in order to help
          determine the types of source at【SMTP Log Search Result】.
(02) Removes“communication process”at【SMTP Log Search Result】.

NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #1
NGS 3H/5H new generation firewall V9.0.2.3 has provided update #1

Available firmware (a41dd178b11e80b09f495410a7d45c05a1e450ab)

Supported hardware models
The HX release supports the following models.

Installation instruction
1. After the update is installed, the system will automatically restart twice. 
  Please wait 3-5 minutes.
2. Updated log: 2023-09-14 13:38:35 ==> to

Upgrade Notes
Basic Setting→
(01) Adds:“LAN Acceleration Mode”to【General Setting】.
(02) Adds:“Control Bridge Vlan packets”to【General Setting】.
(03) Adds:“Security”(TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2, and TLSv1.3 items) to
          【Administrative Access > Administrative Access】.

Backup & Restore→
(01) Adds:“Keep SSL Certification”to【Reset Default】.
(02) Adjusts to keep the license status of【APP Control】and【URL Filter】after
    executing a system recovery.

   Adds:“Abnormal System Shutdown”,“Virus Engine Abnormal 
          Notification”, and“DHCP Flood Attack Notification”to
         【Notification Items】

AP Management→
   Supports the following models:
            Zyxel: NWA90-AX, NWA210-AX, and WAX510D.
            Netgear: WAC510.

Signature Update→
(01) Adjusts to allow importing update files without license period restriction.
(02) Adjusts buttons and texts size properly on UI.

SSL Certificate→
    Adds:“Term”to【Regenerate default certificates】.

Zone Setting→
    Adds:“IPv6 Settings”to【Default Gateway】.

    Adjusts that“Line Detection Method”is chosen NONE, invalid settings
    will be hidden automatically at【Designated Gateway > Add】.

(01) Adds:“AUTO”option to detect MTU values automatically at【Add】.
(02) Adds: the“Remote Address”option to“Detected IP Address”at
         【PPPoE Alive Detection】.

(01) Supports“APAL Dongle”.
(02) Adds: SYN, ICMP, UDP, Port Scan, and Sandstorm to
         【Firewall Protection Items】.

【Security Policy】
(01) Adds:“Define Search”to【Advance > Search Rule】.
(02) Adds: notifications to different subnets at
         【Source Interface and Source > Add】.
(03) Adjusts that the set VLAN can display interface settings without being
    activated at【Source Interface > Add】.
(04) Adds: IP options to【IPv6】【Source/Destination】.
(05) Adjusts that policies are applied to“Service Group”, detailed info can be
    scanned via tip at【Outgoing/Advance】.
(06) Adjusts“Mapped IP”,“Mapped Port”and“Server Load Balance to
    match with IP in the IPSec segments at【Incoming/Advance】.
(07) Adds:“Source IP Address”settings to【Search Rule > Define Search】.
(08) Adjusts to display a tip explaining while activating“Application Control”
    and“URL Access Control”at a time will trigger mutual Affection.

HERHSIANG official website - 2024 online information security equipment procurement website launched
HERHSIANG official website - 2024 online information security equipment procurement website launched

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