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2U Rackmount
Product Name
MA 2U server
MArchive H91XT
Mail archive is a kind of mail storage device, which requires a large storage space, so it is very important to plan the backup of the whole machine.
Supermicro server-grade motherboard / IPMI intelligent platform remote management interface (IP KVM)
H91XT adopts 2U array rack server planning
Built-in ECC SO-DIMM 32GB (expandable to 64GB)
Internal hard disk array supports hot extraction (enterprise level 4,000GB*2 RAID 0)
Built-in backup hard drive (enterprise-level 8,000GB*1)
Built-in (defined Port1 & 2) dual-port 10GbE SFP+ optical fiber module [contains GBIC (RJ45 / single-mode / multi-mode) can be mixed *2] dual-speed 10G&1G
Support Wake-on-LAN
Built-in big data behavior analysis module for 1 year  / AI Spam function for 1 yea /  nBuilt-in Kaspersky anti-virus for 1 year / with dedicated slide rail

Also provide 500W DC 48V and 120V input power supply, special specification models (need to quote separately)
Optional Items: Group 2 Dual Port (Define Port3 & 4) 10GbE SFP+ Optical Module / AI Spam Function / Kaspersky Antivirus / SSD
Product Specification
Hardware quality enhancement and firmware configuration

Host hardware planning:
Using strong stability server motherboard built-in IPMI, industrial-grade chassis, industrial-grade power supply. (Has been used by customers for 10 years)

Data security planning:
The data disk adopts 2 enterprise HDD 4TB (RAID 0), and the system backup disk adopts 1 NAS grade HDD 8TB hard disk.

Advantages of security planning:
When the data disk (RAID 0) fails and the data is damaged and cannot be used, MIS can directly use the system backup disk as a data disk, and the recovery speed is fast, without waiting for a long recovery time.

Strong capacity expansion:
The memory can be expanded to the maximum capacity of the motherboard. When the capacity of the data disk is insufficient, the capacity can be expanded. Two data disks can be replaced with a larger capacity HDD. After the settings are synchronized with the system backup disk capacity, the data disk can be enlarged Capacity data space is available. (The suggested maximum capacity can be used, please call for inquiry)

Full firmware configuration:
The firmware of MDispersion mail server adopts a full-featured configuration. In addition to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, H91X2D does not have other optional functions. HERHSIANG needs to use the existing concept, which can reduce the time wasted by some necessary processes. It is enough to meet the company's needs in real time.

10G network fast model
HERHSIANG 10G fast model, besides the network speed of 10G [SPF+ interface (optional GBIC (RJ45/single-mode/multi-mode)] is required for fast speed, it can also be equipped with SSD so that enterprises and organizations of high models can also enjoy fast speed.

Support Wake-on-LAN
It is recommended to use a UPS uninterruptible power system. When the power is restored, the UPS needs to wait for the battery capacity to charge up to the set percentage, and then wake up the remote device function.
Generally, the equipment needs to wait until the UPS battery is completely out of power to 0% to restore the power supply before starting the remote equipment.
Related functions can prevent the remote device from being unable to start the remote device after the power supply is restored after the remote device has been automatically shut down in advance when the UPS battery still has power.
IPMI (IP KVM) feature description             

IPMI Tool is an Out-of-Band IPMI tool that allows users to connect to system devices with IPMI through CLI (Command Line Interface).

The program provides two usage modes, namely: OS command line mode and Shell mode.

The program can be easily integrated with the existing infrastructure to connect with the server's baseboard management controller (BMC) to achieve the function of remotely configuring the system.

Main features of IPMI Tool:

Remote system management
SuperBlade management
MicroBlade management
System power control
HDD and NVMe management
FRU management
System diagnosis (via Super Diagnostics Offline)
NM (Node Manager) management
Group management
Remote IPMI management
Support IPv6
Remote text interface operation (Serial-Over-LAN)
Firmware upgrade
System sensor and event log
Power supply and battery backup power (BBP®) module monitoring
Multi-node system information
Virtual media management (node ​​product key required)
Remote desktop interception (node ​​product key required)
Operation Systeem ( OS )
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL ) 6.8 以上版本
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ( SLES ) 11 以上版本
Ubuntu Server 14.04 以上版本
Windows 7, 10
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1, 2012 R2


IPMI View is an application software based on a graphical user interface that allows administrators to manage multiple systems through BMC.

IPMI View supports BMC compliant with IPMI v1.5 or v2.0.

IPMI View monitors and reports the status of the SuperBlade system, and supports remote KVM and mounting virtual media.


IPMI View product features:
IPMI system management
Remote Graphical Interface (KVM) control
Remote text interface (SOL) control
Virtual media device management
IPMI user/group management
Trap receiver
Mobile application (Android, iOS)
Operation Systeem ( OS )
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL ) 6.8 以上版本
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ( SLES ) 11 以上版本
Ubuntu Server 14.04 以上版本
Windows 7, 10
Windows Server 2008

Built-in 2 hard disk arrays support hot extraction (RAID 0 1)

Supports two 3.5 ”SATA hard drives.

Support SATAIII interface to connect with host.

Support RAID 0, 1.

Supports a single hard drive with a capacity of more than 500GB.

Provide 2 Hot Swap hard disk extraction boxes, support online hard disk hot swap.

Support online automatic rebuild after updating the hard disk, the maximum rebuild speed is 200GB per hour.

Supports disk roaming technology.

Support sleep power saving mode.

Support online bad track detection and repair function.

Supports the function of delayed staggered startup of hard disks to reduce the power consumption when booting.

The front LCD display panel can monitor the hard disk status, system voltage, temperature, and fan operation detection.

With LED status indicator, hard disk access / fault indicator.

Support buzzer sound warning.

Built-in 5cm ball bearing cooling fan to increase system stability.             

Product Manual

MArchive H91XT main functions include front-end gate protection capabilities (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, pre-mail audit, ransomware protection) and back-end audit capabilities (post-mail audit, mail record archiving, and mail history tracking). A single device can meet the email management needs of most enterprises. In addition to the basic record backup, the product also provides a complete internal and external, internal and external audit mechanism to review the mail received by employees.

Archive server features

Provide a stable, safe and stable storage space with unlimited capacity expansion.
Archive the entire enterprise's mail to one or more My SQL Server / MariaDB database.
Reduce the workload of the mail server. When the email is archived, the email can be deleted to keep the workload of the mail server at a certain level of operation.
With mail data leakage protection function, it can filter email content and attachment files to prevent data leakage.
Prevent users from deleting e-mails, avoid users from deleting important e-mails at will, and let enterprises have the risk of losing important information. The HERHSIANG archive server can completely eliminate this risk
Provide cloud backup and archive cloud services such as Office365 and Gmail.
Comply with relevant laws and regulations such as the Personal Assets Law and Business Secrets Protection Law.
Mail can be quickly restored through the personal mail backup and restore process-even accidentally deleted mail!
Provides webpage management mode, allowing users to search past emails from anywhere in the world.

AI Spam (Optional) (NEW)

HERHSIANG Information has introduced a new AI Spam function module, which can make the judgment accuracy of mails as high as 99.5%. Through the judgment and analysis of mail content and sending behavior of the system function, it can automatically distinguish between normal and malicious or spam letters, and improve the level of spam letters It can also reduce the chance of users opening phishing letters.
In addition, hacker attack methods are also constantly improving, they will forge emails to be the same as real emails, so MArchive H57TA mail host core system must constantly learn new attacks or emails that can be phished.
The research and development unit has included these attack and phishing features in the calculation logic database as a basis for judgment, so that the AI Spam system can use the continuous self-learning mechanism to face the phishing letters and spam attacks that are attacked 24 hours a day throughout the year. It can also quickly make accurate judgments, thereby effectively reducing spam and phishing letters to users, causing unnecessary losses.             

PST file transfer management              
Free you from the problem of PST file management and reduce the dependence on bulky PST files (Outlook)-easy to damage or lose in the event of hardware failure, you can archive and back up all Mail of the company early on HERHSIANG MArchive H91XT equipment
Provide users with a single web interface to search, and can retrieve past mails through My Mail personal inbox "retrieve mail"
Significantly reduce the storage requirements of mail, and at the same time do a good job of mail backup function.
Enhance Exchange performance and simplify backup and recovery
Reduce IT costs and expenses, reduce the excessive burden on the mail server, and reduce the complexity of the IT department's backup and letter preservation and restoration.
Helps to comply with personal data protection laws and ISO BS7799 regulations.
Provides extremely fast full-text search emails and all types of file attachments             
Support multiple domains and multiple mail hosts at the same time
HERHSIANG MArchive H91XT mail filtering and auditing equipment can support enterprises with multiple domain names (for example:; ...) or a network environment built by multiple mail hosts, and can follow the preset rules Automatically transfer letters and attachments to storage devices.            
Mail Gateway Protection

HERHSIANG provides high-efficiency spam filtering functions. The Mail Gateway solution can be safely deployed on the front of the mail server. The original HERHSIANG Mail OS technology and multi-layer mail scanning mechanism can effectively block the increasing number of spam, viruses and malicious email , Springboards, phishing emails, spyware and other threats to help companies effectively manage email security protection and improve service quality.            

MArchive supports IPV4 / IPV6 address            
In addition to supporting the IPv4 network environment, MArchive H91XT also supports the latest IPv6 Internet Protocol, a network architecture that allows IPv4 and IPv6 to run concurrently.             
Full anti-spam filtering mechanism (Anti-Spam)
HERHSIANG spam filtering adopts the industry's most innovative approach to threat detection, applying the latest multi-layer scanning technology, including IP address credit rating, Bayesian filtering, Bayesian filtering automatic learning mechanism, spam feature filtering, and text link filtering mechanism , Automatic garbage learning, system black and white lists and personal black and white lists. In addition, in order to filter the hackers' penetration through the use of text links, the system provides a text link database, which can further protect corporate email security.            
Garbage learning sharing mechanism
The "spam learning sharing" mechanism developed by the professional research and development team is a concept similar to the sharing economy. Users share spam information, analyze and interpret the email behaviors by the professional research and development team, and add machine learning algorithms to handle large Data allows enterprise users to quickly filter thousands of e-mail threats without using complex scanning engines, achieving a higher detection rate and the lowest false blocking rate than traditional spam filtering.             
Anti-Virus Protection [Kaspersky (optional)]

MArchive H91XT has two built-in virus filtering engines, Clam AV and Kabbah Anti-Virus Engine (optional), which can accurately filter hidden viruses trapped in emails. Clam AV can automatically and automatically update the virus code for free. Millions of pens, so that enterprises can always stay up-to-date with the least cost. In addition, users can purchase a Kabbah anti-virus engine. The dual-engine protection can ensure mail security even more. All virus emails that are quarantined through the system provide complete virus filtering reports and records, and support Alarm.            

Sandstorm Malware Detection
Detect files or URLs that are suspected to be at risk, and filter and detect attachments and URLs by comparing hash values. It can deeply block some malicious programs that have not been filtered by viruses and IPS signature databases. Letters are quarantined to hide hidden malicious programs and prevent users from receiving mail.            
Event log viewer

Provides information, warnings, and errors and when they occur within the mail audit filtering facility. Simple and detailed log query service makes system maintenance easy and convenient. Its log management function is very comprehensive, and through WEB, it allows administrators to quickly query and search various types of system logs.

Mail archiving, review, and review (Mail Archive)
MArchive H91XT has a built-in post-mail archival audit mechanism, which can completely archive and store corporate emails. Whether it is external to internal, internal to external, or internal to internal, real-time archiving is performed. In addition to preventing users from deleting emails by mistake, Provide email resume graphs and provide a friendly keyword search mechanism. The system provides an interface for personal email archiving. Users can search online through IE, and search through keywords such as domain, user, sender / receiver, subject, email content, date, and attached files. Search archived messages, and read or retrieve the messages you need.                          
Mail audit filtering (Mail Audit), and has a personal filtering function

Through the device management interface, network administrators can adjust the conditions for sending and receiving mail according to the company's own mail policy settings. MArchive H91XT audit filtering equipment adopts the Policy method, and administrators can apply control rules based on the types of recipients, the subject of the message, the content of the message, the capacity of the message, and the file extension of the message. For personal information related conditions, He HERHSIANG also provides personal information filtering related to sensitive information, including ID card number, date of birth, phone number, credit card number, mobile phone and other conditions. When the detection meets the filtering conditions, you can choose to forward it to the auditors for quarantine, deletion, copying, or sending a notification letter.

Mail logging, archiving and backup

Local storage record: HERHSIANG MArchive H91XT has a built-in 4TB hard disk capacity, which is archived according to the system default. The recorded mail is backed up to the database and stored in the local storage for 7 days by default.

External storage backup: Including USB backup, FTP backup, SAMBA (Network Neighborhood Backup), if the personal computer or mail host has an unexpected situation and cannot work, personal mail is still safely stored in the MARCHIVE H91XT hard disk and storage device. MARCHIVE H91XT can connect to multiple storage servers at the same time, and the administrator can directly search, retrieve or retrieve the backed up emails.      

Support Office365, Gmail email backup files
MArchive H91XT mail backup service can support cloud platform and storage services, provide a hybrid cloud (public cloud / private cloud) flexible platform, integrate existing Google, Microsoft Office 365 cloud mail services, in addition to allowing enterprises to continuously maintain audit data on cloud mail Capabilities can also allow corporate emails to be placed in different storage locations to achieve the purpose of diversifying risks and offsite backups.
Integration of multiple identity authentication servers
MArchive H91XT can integrate multiple types of identity authentication servers to effectively check the correctness of the account during the user login email management process. At present, it can integrate servers including Radius, AD, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, and Google oAuth to check the validity of accounts and passwords. Among them, you must enter a complete email account account to connect to the back-end authentication server for queries. .            
Original mail resume function

HERHSANG mail resume function is an original design based on the concept of time axis. In addition to complete auditing and archiving of all incoming and outgoing emails, it also has HERHSIANG'S original mail resume function. With a simple chart to grasp the start of each letter Relevance. When did you receive this letter? How many passes back and forth in the middle? Which users are included in each pass? What is the content of each letter? Through the mail association chart, users can quickly grasp the main interactive associations of letters.            

Email Big Data Analysis (Mail Behavior)                    
Data's data analysis is an important feature of HERHSIANG's archive server. It can analyze the behavior of users, including correlation diagrams of mailing, abnormal mail analysis data, and user time analysis data, so that managers can better understand the enterprise. Internal user mail usage status.             
System management and use status

MArchive H91XT provides all network interface usage status, software and hardware system performance table (including real-time information such as boot time, CPU / HD / Memory usage ...), and all system usage status at a glance. The system has Event Log and Sys Log log management functions. If an abnormal event occurs, it will actively record and alert, and the system will send it to the administrator by email. MArchive H91XT provides automatic system update check and download function, which can regularly check the latest update status, and directly perform firmware update service through Web UI.            

Flexible decentralized management mechanism
The user rights decentralization setting is super flexible. Users' rights can be set at different levels, including whether they have a manager role or just general queryer or user rights. And can set different mail access and manager permissions. With the authorization of hierarchical management, enterprises can have more flexible control, safe use and management and maintenance. According to the decentralization and decentralization policy of the enterprise department, the authority and management items for each administrator to log in to the management interface can be defined, including system management, SMTP server settings, transparent mode, domain management, authentication, and authority management ...            
Web UI management / system settings

Use the Web method to set and update the firmware. The operation screen can be switched to Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English at any time. You can open / close / https remote control services at will. In addition, the administrator can set the MArchive H91XT device browser title, home page title, and host name of the server.             

No user authorization and restrictions
HERHSIANG MArchive series equipment has no restrictions on the use of the number of people, which will vary depending on the hardware operating performance or the amount of corporate mail. The system provides a free firmware update service mechanism, including the garbage database signature code, and the Clam AV anti-virus engine, which greatly saves maintenance and management costs and reduces after-sales service operations.             
Personal Archive interface
Provide personal Archive interface, user permissions include domain query, department query and individual user query. Mail query provides multiple search interface fields, including sender, recipient, subject, content, date, etc. For users who are accustomed to the Outlook interface, Outlook Plug-in is also provided to facilitate searching and archiving directly through Outlook mail.            
Personal email disaster backup and restore
In addition to the high-quality hardware configuration, Passive to active, recovery files no longer need to rely on IT professionals to handle, personally send the data on HERHSIANG MArchive H91XT directly to a specific user account again, when the user's computer, hard disk is damaged, data is lost, you can borrow The backup and restore function restores all user letters to the account again, providing the best backup mechanism for disaster recovery.            
Exclusive Personalized Dashboard Chart
Different from the traditional system report format, MArchive H91XT mail audit and archiving device provides a personalized report analysis charter. Users can customize the query date to understand the statistics of personal general mail, spam and virus letters. Graphical display. In addition, users can further analyze the proportion of mail received and related information.            

Hardware specifications     


Motherboard: SUPERMICOR server grade

DDRIII-RAM ECC: 32GB (2 pieces of 16GB) dual channel

SATA-III HDD: Enterprise-class 4000GB *2 Shipping RAID 0 (RAID 0 1 for internal 2-layer disk array subsystem box)

Built-in backup hard disk (enterprise level 8000GB*1)

Console: On-Screen Keyboard

USB 2.0 Port: 4

Number of people: no limit

System Management

Admin settings using a browser ( HTTPS )

Supported Service Agreement


OnBoard web interface

1 LAN / 1 HA / 1 IPMI Port (All Giga Port)

PCIe3.0 network interface card

2Define Port (Define Port 1 & 2) [2-Port 10GbE SFP+ Optical Module]

2 Define Port (Define Port 3 & 4) [2 Port 10GbE SFP+ Optical Module] (Optional)

use environment

Working environment temperature: 0~60°C / Working environment humidity: 5%~95%

Safety certification


Model Dimensions

19" x 2U x 550mm (21.65" deep)

Industrial control server grade PS2 POWER SUPPLY (power supply not for general PC use)

Input power : 100~250 VAC (Autosensing) / Power supply: 450 Watts or more / Power on and start automatically

Mounting method

Rack-mount models suitable for rack-mounting

Build architecture: Supports transparent mode (Bridge), gateway mode (Gateway), POP3/IMAP revenue generation deployment architecture

Transparent mode (Bridge)

MArchive H91XT has a set of LAN Bypass mode, which can be set up in front of the main mail server. It uses Bridge mode to record all incoming and outgoing mail. As internal users of the enterprise may use a variety of mail software to receive mail (for example: outlook, Thunderbird …), Whether internal or external or internal to internal, the mail will be audited, filtered, spam filtered, and virus filtered through the MArchive H91X mail audit and archiving device, and all communication emails will be completely recorded.


Gateway Mode

MArchive H91XT can also be used as a gateway for e-mail. After the virus and advertisement mails are completed, the clean mail is forwarded to the back-end mail server. The e-mail function usually consumes high system resources. Outlook users can also point SMTP to MArchive H91XT as a gateway for audit filtering, and then send the mail to the back-end mail server, or some enterprise users set up the mail server on a virtual machine (VM). The mode of receiving traffic is also applicable to the gateway mode.


POP3 / IMAP collection mode

Adopt POP3 and IMAP collection methods, similar to copying all incoming and outgoing mail to the device in Journal mode, whether the mail host is supported in the cloud (Gmail / 163 / Office365) or the internal Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Lotus, just need Set the necessary information and download the messages to be backed up to the device.              

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