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New Generation Firewall            

Network security equipment that complies with Next Generation UTM specifications. It has the characteristics of high operational efficiency, multiple security protection mechanisms and hierarchical authorization management. Powerful functions include Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-based application identification and control, In-Line IPS, SSL analysis and blocking, Web Filtering, bandwidth management, antivirus, spam filtering, and support for external authentication integration.

Prevent hackers from infiltrating malicious attacks or unauthorized access to internal network resources. Support dual-machine backup mechanism (HA) to ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment, support Layer 2-Layer 7 core switches, replace traditional Layer 3 core switches, and comply with the next-generation Software Defined Network (SDN) core switch Requirement. Integrate the centralized management of wireless base stations and network-managed switches to create integrated wired and wireless security protection.

Economic firewall            

A new-generation firewall device that combines speed and security, supports USB2.0 ports, can connect to 3G and 4G/LTE USB as another WAN network backup option, and NAT processing performance is up to 1.8 Gbps.

 In addition to the firewall function, it also has many powerful functions such as bandwidth control, load balancing, content filtering, and virtual private channel (IPSec VPN).

It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and SOHO network environments of different sizes to meet the needs of professional customers for network security defense. It helps enterprises to block all kinds of virus threats in real time on the front line of the network gateway, while still allowing the network to maintain satisfactory high-quality performance.

Multifunctional integrated firewall            

Multifunctional integrated threat control equipment, in addition to the general firewall (Firewall) function on the market, plus IDP intrusion detection and prevention, bandwidth management, load balancing, content filtering, virtual private channel (IPSec L2TP PPTP VPN), (WEB/SSL VPN) and many other functions.

Even the content transmitted by instant messaging, FTP, MAIL, web pages, etc. can be recorded completely.

Distributable mail server

Provide multi-site or large-volume mail requirements for enterprises, institutions or schools to speed up mail delivery and communication.

 The database, account and mail communication records between the host and the auxiliary computer will be synchronized with each other through an encrypted channel. The communication records of all mails, whether it is outbound, inbound, or internal exchange mail at each external point, will finally be consolidated into the database of the mail service of the computer center.

When there is a problem, you want to check the contact records of the mail. And for the mail host of the external point (secondary machine), all mails are received and sent to the local mail host. There is no need to wait for the reply from the remote host, which speeds up the mail Processing speed and has the function of remote backup mechanism.

Economical mail server            

The built-in IPV4/V6 dual-band DNS server provides the functions required for a complete DNS service, such as DNS forward and reverse lookup, A, AAAA records, etc., to solve the inconvenience and trouble of the administrator in setting up the DNS server by itself. Through abnormal traffic detection, authentication anomaly detection, authentication and sender confirmation, it can perform in-depth mail inspection and filter out email threats that cannot be intercepted by traditional firewalls, all advertising spam, a large number of mail attacks, and Trojan horses. , Dictionary attacks or hacker attacks... etc., which can be filtered through the mail firewall layer by layer to protect the security of corporate mail operations.

The mail host cloud hard disk provides a shared space for all users. Users can share promotional materials, presentation materials, technical documents, market information, etc., through the interface to quickly upload or download files, and classify these files, which ones belong to Private, which ones can be made public, and users can check the information at any time on the Webmail website.

Mail Archiving Server            

The main functions include front-end gate protection capabilities (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, pre-mail audit, ransomware protection) and back-end check capabilities (post-post mail audit, mail log archiving, and mail history tracking).

 A single device can meet the mail management needs of most companies. In addition to the basic record backup, the product also provides a complete internal and external, internal and external audit mechanism to audit the mail sent and received by employees.

Mail TWIN Server 
In 2019, the company launched the industry's unique, dual-use 2U rack-mounted twin host dual power supplies independently supplying the left and right hosts, and optional dual mail hosts, dual mail archiving hosts, and one mail one mail archiving dual-use host.

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